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I Want to Be a Witch (Mauverine #1)

Mauverine Series.

Susanna Isern / Laura Proietti

The first title of a new series of novels for early readers by bestselling author Susanna Isern!

Meet Mauverine, a brave nine-year-old girl eager to become a witch. She decides to take control of her fate and pays a visit to the three witches ruling over her town, feared for their terrifying spells. Willing to find an heiress, they train Mauverine to become one of them. Magic potions, steaming cauldrons, flying brooms and spooky spells…

Will Mauverine fit the description of an ordinary witch? Or will she make her own rules?

Grant & sample translation available.

2nd title already available

Many more adventures to come… | 5th TITLE AVAILABLE IN EARLY 2024



  • A riveting and comforting page-turner with an unexpected twist.
  • A fully illustrated novel ideal for early readers between 7-8 years old with adorable illustrations.
  • First title of an exciting series by the bestselling author Susanna Isern.
  • A tender and funny way to talk about originality and authenticity.
  • Internationally published writer: her work has been published in 30 languages.
Title I Want to Be a Witch (Mauverine #1)
Author Susanna Isern
Illustrator Laura Proietti
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-18304-66-8
Size and Format Paperback – 15x20 cm
Pages 116
Age Range 7+
Rights sold Bulgarian, Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Galician, German, Italian, Korean, Maltese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak and Slovene.

Susanna Isern is a prolific children’s books author and a psychologist. She has published over 100 books and has sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide. Her work has been translated into more than 30 languages. She has received 5 international prizes. She is currently a professor of the at the European University of the Atlantic.

Laura Proietti is a promising Italian illustrator. She studied Illustration and Animation in Palermo (Sicily) and since then, she has illustrated many books. She has mainly illustrated classic fables and natural elements.

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