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Brilliant Ideas from Wonderful Women

Aitziber Lopez / Luciano Lozano

We already know a lot about what men did and now it’s time to talk a little about women.

Have you noticed the objects, machines and furniture that you have around you? All have been invented by someone. And many of these objects were designed by women, by girls who, like you, wanted to improve the world.

Why a book about women inventors? Learn more about the woman who created the periscope or meet the forerunner of Wi-Fi in this book full of fascinating women.

Grant & sample translation available.


  • Nice selection of inventions made by women inventors.
  • A plunge into a world of progress.
  • For anyone looking for empowering books for young readers.
  • Stimulates children’s creativity.
  • Connected to current social topics.
  • Elegant and vintage-look illustrations.
Title Brilliant Ideas from Wonderful Women
Author Aitziber Lopez
Illustrator Luciano Lozano
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-947432-3-8
Size and Format 21,5 x 30,5 cm (portrait) - Hard Cover
Pages 40
Age Range 6+
Rights sold Danish, World English, French, German, Polish and Slovak.

Aitziber Lopez graduated in Chemistry and finished her PhD. She has worked in a cosmetic company as a product developer and nowadays she is dedicated to the investigation of biomaterials.

Luciano Lozano has been working in illustration since 2007, after completing a postgraduate course in Creative Illustration. He regularly collaborates with numerous publishers and magazines. His work has received awards and recognitions nationally and internationally.

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