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The Love Bug

Eve Aixalà / Mariona Cabassa

A book about LOVE that you can enjoy, share and frame.

With this colorful and charming book, we celebrate the diversity of love. This book can be read from cover to cover or you can also unbind each sheet and give them to your beloved as a gift.

Grant & sample translation available.


  • Collection of detachable cards with poetic texts ideal to give to a loved one.
  • Poetic and expressive illustrations to feel the power of love.
  • All kinds of love for all kinds of readers.
  • Designed as a perfect gift.
  • Beyond age, gender or race.
Title The Love Bug
Author Eve Aixalà
Illustrator Mariona Cabassa
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-17749-19-4
Size and Format 25 x 20 (landscape) - Soft Cover
Pages 26
Age Range 5+

Evelyn Aixalà holds a PhD in Literature and currently lives in Uruguay, where she is employed as a consultant at the National Reading Plan. She also teaches at the University ORT-Uruguay.

Photo © Aleix Bagué

Mariona Cabassa is a prolific and multifaceted artist. She has also taught at several art schools and runs her own workshops. She has been a children’s book illustrator for the last 20 years. She has published over 80 story books.

Photo © Esperança Urdeix

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