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The Disastrous Adventure of a Banana Peel

Alicia Acosta / Lorenzo Sangiò

A delightful and fun read to enjoy

Have you ever slipped on a banana peel? Have you ever seen someone falling because of it? This story is about this: a banana peel that ends up where it shouldn’t, on the floor, bringing chaos to the city… Do you dare to read it without laughing out loud?

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  • A comforting and rhythmic story by a celebrated author.
  • A tender ending that highlights the importance of solidarity and interconnection with others.
  • Detailed watercolour illustrations by promising illustrator Lorenzo Sangiò, which mirror the diversity of contemporary society.
  • Highlights the importance of taking care of the environment and keeping the city clean.
Title The Disastrous Adventure of a Banana Peel
Author Alicia Acosta
Illustrator Lorenzo Sangiò
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-18304-41-5
Size and Format 25 x 25 cm - Hardcover
Pages 36
Age Range 4+
Rights sold Korean.

Alicia Acosta majored in Psychology and has worked as a professional narrator for more than 25 years. Her books have been translated into more than 9 languages and her work has been awarded at the Latino Book Awards (USA).

Born in Milan, Lorenzo Sangiò graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, he then continued to study illustration by following workshops around Italy and obtaining a Master’s degree at the Ars In Fabula school. In recent years he has completely dedicated himself to the world of illustrated books, won several awards and exhibited his illustrations in Italy and France.

Photo © Marco Fusari Imperatore

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