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The Countonme Dance (Kai’s Tribe #1)

Kai's Tribe.

Raquel Díaz Reguera / Lucía Serrano

A new endearing series full of adventures, plot twists and a handful of dangerous encounters. Fun time is guaranteed!

Meet ten-year-old cavegirl Laa and her friends: Les, Urqs, Kiric, Jau, and Kai. Their life in prehistoric caves seems quite peaceful. But, suddenly, a succession of unexpected natural events put their lives at stake: a volcanic eruption, an earthquake, a meteor shower… They do their best to survive, but the originally large tribe is left with only six of them! So they decide to become Kai’s tribe, and together try to thrive in the new world they woke up in. 

In this first tittle of the series we will meet Lia, who is confronted daily with alligator mosquitoes and the occasional carnivorous plant, but nothing she can’t survive, until a meteor shower separates her from her tribe and things get a little complicated…

Grant & sample translation available.


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More titles are expected in late 2024! 


  • A thrilling adventure set in prehistoric times with an artful world-building.. 
  • Real page-turners: exciting action and mystery scenes with plot-twists and cliff-hangers that will keep readers hooked! 
  • Fully illustrated short chapters. 
  • Endearing and lifelike characters, with a lovable strong female lead. 
  • Appealing themes for early readers: friendship, community and self-confidence. 
  • A celebrated and bestselling author meets a prolific award-winning illustrator. 
Title The Countonme Dance (Kai’s Tribe #1)
Author Raquel Díaz Reguera
Illustrator Lucía Serrano
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-19401-97-7
Size and Format 14 x 20 cm
Pages 52
Age Range 7+
Rights sold French, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.

Raquel Díaz Reguera is an award-winning bestselling writer and illustrator and has also pursued a career in the music industry. She has authored and illustrated over 50 books and many of them have become bestsellers. Her books have been translated into 8 languages and sold for their audiovisual and theatre adaptations.

Lucía Serrano is a young but prolific illustrator who has won various prizes for her work, including the Princesa de Éboli Illustrated Album Prize and the On the Edge of the Wind Prize from the Fondo de Cultura Económica. She has published over 30 books, both as an author and illustrator.

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