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The Colour Monster School Diary

Anna Llenas

School? What will that be like? –wonders the Colour Monster.

A new adventure of our charming Monster. On this occasion, the Colour Monster needs to face his first day at school and he doesn’t even know what a school is! Is it a tricky jungle? A mysterious castle with dangerous beasts?

Step by step the Monster and the reader will go through the different spaces of a school and the daily routines. Soon, any fear and anxiousness will disappear.

Grant & sample translation available.


  • A new episode of the internationally celebrated character The Colour Monster.
  • Common scenes and experiences all child will recognise.
Title The Colour Monster School Diary
Author Anna Llenas
Illustrator Anna Llenas
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-948832-6-2
Size and Format 21 x 16 cm - Hard Cover
Pages 216
Age Range 3+
Rights sold Italian and Ukranian.

Anna Llenas holds a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and took up studies in Graphic Design. In he early days in the advertising industry, she worked as an Art Director at Bassat Ogilvy. She specialised in Illustration and created her own design projects. At present, she is an art therapist. The Colour Monster was her first work as both author and

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