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The Colour Monster Kamishibai

Anna Llenas

Discover a new way to tell the international best-seller picture book The Colour Monster and share an amazing experience with your kids, friends, pupils… A delight for everyone!

Kamishibai is a traditional Japanese-style paper theatre. It allows you to tell stories in a simple, fascinating and captivating way, combining oral narration and image. Once the performance starts the audience focus in what’s in the scene forgetting everything else and letting them be guided by the voice of the Gaito Kamishibaiya (storyteller). The box includes an exclusive cardboard theatre and 22 sheets that will allow you to enjoy a magical experience and let you be fascinated by the power of image and storytelling.

Sample translation available.


  • A take-along kamishibai: light, practical and effective.
  • Designed in Barcelona and made of sustainable materials.
  • Suitable for groups up to 30 people.
  • Encourage concentration.
  • No extra material needed.
Title The Colour Monster Kamishibai
Author Anna Llenas
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-17749-23-1
Size and Format 40,5 x 32,3 cm - Box
Pages 44
Age Range 8+
Rights sold Danish, French and Italian.

Anna Llenas holds a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and took up studies in Graphic Design. In he early days in the advertising industry, she worked as an Art Director at Bassat Ogilvy. She specialised in Illustration and created her own design projects. At present, she is an art therapist. The Colour Monster was her first work as both author and

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