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Starred Review - School Library Journal
Top 10 Best Books of 2021
Second Best Edited Book in Spain of 2021 Award
Shortlisted 2022 Atrapallibres Award
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Meritxell Martí / Xavier Salomó

The highly anticipated and dazzlingly illustrated, most poignant picture book by multi-awarded author and illustrator pair Martí & Salomó.

Sunakay, an absolutely spectacular fiction picture book, is an ode to our sea and a hymn to the need to protect our planet.

The sea has become a huge waste dump, devoid of marine life. Two sisters manage to survive on a plastic island. With their raft, they plough through waste and rummage between piles of garbage in search of valuable objects – their only possible way of life. One day, Kay plunges into the water and catches a golden reflection… which will trigger a powerful force to emerge from the deep sea that will change everything.

The most ambitious project of its authors, which after many months of work culminates with a wonderful picture book.

Grant & sample translation available.


«The lyrical and spare prose will draw readers in, and the jewel-tone illustrations are mesmerizing. […] The narrative sometimes veers toward the fantastical, making this sometimes feel allegorical, adding to the tale’s timely message. […] A story about the power of sisterhood with a just as powerful warning for our environmental future.» School Library Journal (Starred Review)




  • National and international bestselling creative tandem.
  • A brilliant consideration on the need to take care of the environment, the consequences of our actions on the Planet Earth but, above all, a hymn to hope.
  • All ingredients to become a contemporary classic: heartening, magical, intriguing, thoughtful.
  • Breathtaking and inspiring watercolour illustrations.
Title Sunakay
Author Meritxell Martí / Xavier Salomó
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-18304-46-0
Size and Format 24 x 29,1 cm (portrait) - Hard Cover
Pages 104
Age Range 8+
Rights sold French, German, Italian, Korean and Turkish.

Meritxell Martí holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities and a Graduate degree in Classical and Contemporary Music. She has been teaching Art, Cinema and Literature for 10 years. She obtained her PhD Cum Laude on Art on the Internet. She currently is studying Master Remind degree.

Xavier Salomó holds a Degree in Arts and Design, where he received the Extraordinary Award for his dissertation on the category of engraving. He received the Junceda Award in two occasions by the Professional Illustrators Association of Catalonia.

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