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Maite Pérez y Xaviera Torres / Paula Bossio

Can you think of the most quirky sleeping position in the animal kingdom?

Ducks and dolphins that sleep with an open eye, elephants that sleep for two hours a day, octopuses that change colour in their sleep, otters that sleep holding hands… Some sleep in burrows, others do so standing on one leg. All animals rest… but maybe not all spend a third of their lives asleep— like we do. 

Why do we sleep? What happens in our brains when we do? Do all living things sleep? Why don’t birds drop when they fall asleep crossing the ocean? How can bears sleep all winter without starving? Can an animal without eyelids sleep? Sleepyheads is an enticing and thrilling overview on the whys and hows of one of the most basic yet mysterious of animal behaviours. But it is also a book full of questions, because we still have a lot to figure out about the ordinary yet fascinating act of… sleeping.

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  • Eye-catching, tender and vivid illustrations by internationally renowned Colombian artist.
  • Accessible, fact-based and funny insights by two experts at communicating science to children.
  • A tastefully illustrated journey through different habitats, species and ways of resting.
  • A panoramic view on sleep, focusing on its universal nature.
  • Ideal to share with the whole family before going to bed and to encourage children to ask questions about the world around them.
Title Sleepyheads
Author Maite Pérez y Xaviera Torres
Illustrator Paula Bossio
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-19401-35-9
Size and Format 25 x 25 cm - Hardcover
Pages 44
Age Range 8+
Rights sold Simplified Chinese, Estonian, German, Russian Worldwide and Turkish.

Maite Pérez and Xaviera Torres are scientists. They both became fascinated by biology when they were young and ever since, they’ve devoted their careers to scientific research and study. They’ve also worked in scientific communication for years: Maite has been sharing videos and multimedia content in social media, under the profile ‘Eres ciencia’, and Xaviera has been drawing and writing. Together, they created the award-winning podcast about science for children La Lupa Sónica.

Paula Bossio is a Colombian author, designer, illustrator, and teacher. She has received many prestigious illustration awards by international organizations (Japan, India, Mexico, Colombia, Korea and Italy), and her books have been published in more than 10 countries.​​

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