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Great Tools for Small Warriors.

Mamen Duch / Guridi

These books contain tools for children to learn how to relax and become self-aware. Adults will guide children to mindfulness with the help of tricks and fun activities.

Grant & sample translation available.


  • Fun and easy approach to mindfulness for children.
  • Helps children to overcome sad or negative thoughts.
  • Excellent for parents or educators to share with children.
Title Relaxations
Author Mamen Duch
Illustrator Guridi
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-17749-49-1
Size and Format 17 x 22 cm (portrait) - Hard Cover
Pages 40
Age Range 6+
Rights sold Simplified Chinese, English (USA and Canada), German, Korean, Portuguese (Portugal) and Vietnamese.

Mamen Duch, yoga master and founder of Yogui Kids, is a certified yoga teacher for children—by Shari Vilchez-Blatt of Karma Kids Yoga in New York—since 2008.

Raúl Nieto Guridi has worked in practically all fields of graphics, printing, design, and advertising. Since 2010, his work has been mainly focused on illustrations in children’s publishing, posters and book covers. He gives on illustration and creativity. His books have been translated into a dozen languages and has received several international illustration awards, such as the recent Special Mention in the 2018 BRAW.

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