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Plants that speak, animals that sing

Alex Nogués / Asia Orlando

In nature, everything is connected. Have you noticed?

And that connection can be seen in the thousand ways that communication flows between plants, fungi, and animals. Flashes of light, scents, sounds. Dances, words, and songs.

Plants that Speak, Animals that Sing is a fascinating opportunity to learn about the intelligence that surrounds us. Every day, thousands of small communicative miracles take place through codes that we do not even perceive: fungi that transfer nutrients to plants through their roots, bees that dance by tracing an invisible map to the plants with the most pollen, trees that give off a smell to attract the predatory charcoal burners to the caterpillar plague that affects them…


  • An accessible non-fiction picture book where nature meets linguistics.
  • Full of curiosities and fact-based information about communication and intelligence in the natural kingdom.
  • Written by the internationally renewed author and geologist Alex Nogués.
  • Eye-catching, vibrant, and full-color detailed illustrations by a renowned illustrator and climate change activist.
  • A journey through the fragile yet precise balance in the natural world.
  • A different approach to environmentalism and respect for our planet
Title Plants that speak, animals that sing
Author Alex Nogués
Illustrator Asia Orlando
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-19401-84-7
Size and Format 24 x 30 cm
Pages 52
Age Range 7+

Alex Nogués became a geologist to find answers and came across an as-yet undiscovered fossilized organism, which experts named Alexina papyracea, in honour of his name. His first book published by Editorial Flamboyant, There’s a hair in my soup, was awarded the Serra d’Or Prize (2019) and selected as one of the best children’s book by Fundación Cuatro Gatos (2019).

Author’s portrait © Sarai Alemán

Asia  Orlando is  an  artist  and  illustrator  with  passion  for  art,  nature  and  captivating  storytelling.  Her  work  can  be  found  in  books,  magazines, products,  toys  and  posters.  She  believes  in  the  power  of  art  to  make  a  difference  and,  for  this  reason,  she  started  Our  Planet  Week  movement, which promotes environmental awareness through illustration.

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