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Gross! My Lovely (or not) Yucky Stuff

Ramon Cabrera / Cinta Arribas


A hilarious and informative trip through scatological elements from the human body.

Farts, poo, earwax, purulent pimples, stinky sweat… Human bodies produce many fluids which are both yucky and funny. Yet, how and when does our body do it? A hilarious non-fiction book that provides grotesque and fun facts about human excretions, with casual, colourful and expressive illustrations.

Grant & sample translation available.


  • Hilarious and insightful take on human fluids.
  • Plain explanations full of humour.
  • Relatable texts for children.
  • Diverse characters.
  • Fun facts.
  • Bestselling author and renowned illustrator.
Title Gross! My Lovely (or not) Yucky Stuff
Author Ramon Cabrera
Illustrator Cinta Arribas
Size and Format 24,5 x 27 cm - Hard Cover
Pages 52
Age Range 5+
Rights sold Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.

Ramon Cabrera is a renowned writer of children’s literature. He was scriptwriter and song writer for the Spanish Sesame Street, as well as other popular muppet shows. He has written many stories, illustrated novels and graphic novels. He is part of the Bono Bidari collective, which authored the collection Me, Elvis Riboldi, which sold over 100K copies, has beentranslated into more than 18 languages and adapted as a TV series for children. Gross! My lovely (or not) yucky stuff is his first collaboration with Flamboyant.

Cinta Arribas is a Spanish illustrator. She has created art for newspapers and magazines, and she has illustrated various children’s books. In 2018 she received the Special Mention in Ilustrarte (Portugal) and has taken part in national and international exhibitions.

Photo © Cristina R. Vecino

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