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My Home is Anywhere

Alba Carballal / Lorenzo Sangiò

Dwellings come in all shapes and sizes. A non-fiction picture book that explores how our culture, society and lifestyle influence the way we design and build our homes around the world and how this has changed throughout history.

Grant & sample translation available.


  • A fun and thrilling take on the relationship between architecture and anthropology.
  • Stimulating and fun facts about dwellings.
  • More than a catalogue of different houses around the world: the focus is on how climate, place, economy, culture, etc. influence our homes.
  • Written and illustrated with a global perspective.
  • Perfect to understand the essential hows, whys, whens and whos of houses and its evolution throughout history.
  • A picture book by two promising artists.
Title My Home is Anywhere
Author Alba Carballal
Illustrator Lorenzo Sangiò
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-18304-07-1
Size and Format 24 x 30 cm
Pages 52
Age Range 8+
Rights sold Arabic (Worldwide), Simplified Chinese and Korean.

Alba Carballal is a writer and an architect. She has worked as a scriptwriter for various Spanish comedy programmes and for an international series, and has collaborated with various magazines and newspapers. She is currently a fiction scriptwriter. Her first novel, published in 2019, was critically acclaimed and was awarded the Best Opera Prima 2019 by El Cultural and shortilsted for the Dulce Chacón Award.

Photo © Alberto Almayer

Born in Milan, Lorenzo Sangiò graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, he then continued to study illustration by following workshops around Italy and obtaining a Master’s degree at the Ars In Fabula school. In recent years he has completely dedicated himself to the world of illustrated books, won several awards and exhibited his illustrations in Italy and France.

Photo © Marco Fusari Imperatore

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