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Markets. A World To Discover

Josep Sucarrats / Miranda Sofroniou

Since ancient times, markets have played a central role in many societies: towns have grown around them, they have been a meeting point to socialize and exchange ideas and a place to trade food and other goods.

You will here find interesting facts about markets: wacky foods that can be foundpeople who work and shop theredifferent payment methodstypes of marketsworking schedules… and much more!

A non-fiction picture book written by food jounalist Josep Sucarrats, collaborator of one of the best chefs in the world Ferran Adrià, including information about different markets around the world.

Markets have a long history! Be part of it!

Grant & sample translation available.


  • Includes information about different markets around the world.
  • With chef Ferran Adrià endorsement.
  • Written and illustrated with a global perspective.
  • Perfect to understand the essential hows, whys, whens and who’s of food markets.
  • Much beyond a catalogue of food markets.
Title Markets. A World To Discover
Author Josep Sucarrats
Illustrator Miranda Sofroniou
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-17749-69-9
Size and Format 24 x 30 cm - Hard Cover
Pages 44
Rights sold Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English (USA & Canada) and Korean.

Josep Sucarrats is a food journalist, the director of a popular Catalan cooking magazine and part of the team of the Apart magazine about the future of cuisine. He collaborates regularely with Ferran Adrià.

Miranda Sofroniou is a British Illustrator. She graduated from The University of the Arts London. Inspired by her travels she makes rich and colourful illustrations using traditional painting techniques and media. Miranda has more that 100k followers on Instagram.

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