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I’m a Little Pig

Eva Santana / Carmen Saldaña

Why does everyone run for cover when they see me coming?

This is what the main character of this hilarious picture book asks himself. He has a problem with his manners. He can’t stop it and what’s worse: he doesn’t seem to be aware of it!

Amazingly funny picture book in which animals and humans exchange roles. Ideal to talk about habits and manners with children.

Sample translation & grant available.


  • Adorable and yet wild illustrations by the recognised illustrator Carmen Saldaña.
  • Appeals to a broad audience.
  • Kids will just love it.
Title I’m a Little Pig
Author Eva Santana
Illustrator Carmen Saldaña
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-946815-7-8
Size and Format 25 x 23 cm (landscape) - Hard Cover
Pages 32
Age Range 3+
Rights sold Korean.

Eva Santana is a journalist, author and illustrator. She was the director of a popular children’s magazine. She believes that books help children become incredible people.

Carmen Saldaña is a popular Spanish illustrator with more than 185k followers on Instagram. She loves animals, birds, bugs and everything related to nature, which is her main source of inspiration.

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