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How to Become a Superhero

David Aceituno / Mathias Sielfeld

Following the award-winning book How to Become a Great Spy, this non-fiction book is the perfect handbook for anyone wanting to become a legendary superhero.

To become a superhero you don’t need to be bitten by an insect, nor hit by a meteorite, risky experiments in a laboratory or exposure to Gamma rays. Or, at least, not always. It’s true that having the ability to turn invisible, move things with your mind, or teleport… Well, that helps. But there are other tricks that can be learned, and here we tell you which ones and how

  • Avoid suspicions about your identity.
  • Design and make your costume and logo.
  • Learn about the tricks and qualities of superheroes of the past.
  • Learn how to identify supervillains and… Take action!

Grant & sample translation available.


  • Follows How to Become a Great Spy, selected as one of the Best Books of 2022 by the NYPL and sold to German, English (World) and Polish.
  • To enjoy and read, alone or with your future superhero team – fun time guaranteed.
  • Fun facts about the exciting world of superheroes.
  • The perfect balance between humor, learning and playful illustrations.
  • Includes spreads with interactive activities and a myriad of details to identify.
  • Internationally published author and illustrator.
Title How to Become a Superhero
Author David Aceituno
Illustrator Mathias Sielfeld
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-19401-26-7
Size and Format 24 x 30 cm - Hardcover
Pages 60
Age Range 8+

David Aceituno holds a BA in Philosophy and he has been working in the publishing industry for over 20 years. He is the author of biographies, poetry books and a dozen of picture books. His books have been published in 10 languages and has been awarded the 2014 Best Edited Book in Spain.

Photo © Karen von Schultzendorff

Oyemathias (Mathias Sielfeld) graduated from Integral Design and has a Diploma in Illustration. He has been a freelance artist ever since and has worked for multiple clients. He has published three books and his work has also been exhibited in galleries and has appeared in magazines. He makes humor and social criticism vignettes at @oyemathias (more than 40K followers).

Illustration © Mathias Sielfeld

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