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How to Become a Pirate

Pato Mena / Mathias Sielfeld

To become a good pirate, you don’t have to raid ships, plunder ports, or live through life-and-death situations – at least not always. All you need is a hunger for adventure, a first-class crew, and the secrets of sailing. 

Get on board your pirate ship, choose your pirate look, design your ship’s flag, and learn how to read a map with this manual. And get ready to live an adventure like a real pirate! 

Grant & sample translation available.



  • To enjoy and read, alone or with your future pirate crew – fun time guaranteed. 
  • Fun facts, tricks and historical notes about the exciting world of pirates. 
  • The perfect balance between narrative, humor, learning, and playful illustrations.
  • Includes spreads with interactive activities and a myriad of details to identify. 
  • Internationally renewed author.



Title How to Become a Pirate
Author Pato Mena
Illustrator Mathias Sielfeld
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-10090-00-2
Size and Format Hardcover – 24 x 30cm (portrait)
Pages 64
Age Range 8+

Pato Mena spent his entire childhood in the streets of Buin, his hometown, a place to which he often returns (not literally, although he would like to) to look for ideas and inspiration. In 2012 he travelled to Barcelona to study a Children’s Illustration course at EINA school. As a writer and illustrator of children’s literature and comics, he already has 17 titles between collaborations and integral works, between Spain and Chile. He has been recognized by numerous international awards such as the selection of the Junior Library Guild or the Best Picture Book in the International Latino Awards.

Oyemathias (Mathias Sielfeld) graduated from Integral Design and has a Diploma in Illustration. He has been a freelance artist ever since and has worked for multiple clients. He has published three books and his work has also been exhibited in galleries and has appeared in magazines. He makes humor and social criticism vignettes at @oyemathias (more than 40K followers).

Illustration © Mathias Sielfeld

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