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How to Become a Great Spy

Daniel Nesquens / Mathias Sielfeld

This non-fiction book is the perfect handbook for anyone wanting to become a Great Spy.

Through playful illustrations and funny anecdotes, we’ll learn how to create a secret identity, how to pack for a mission and some of the most important techniques of professional espionage! We’ll train to become a Great Spy with interactive activities and classified information.

You’ll also have to crack secret codes throughout the book with Mariachi Squirrel from the Macadamia Tree Agency. Do you accept the mission?

Grant & sample translation available.


  • To enjoy and read, alone or with your future spies team – fun time guaranteed (no need to destroy it after reading).
  • Detailed tips for future spies and thorough descriptions about techniques, essential gadgets, and extraordinary methods.
  • Fun facts about the unknown world of secret spies and espionage.
  • The perfect balance between humour, learning and playful illustrations.
  • Includes spreads with interactive activities.
  • Highly acclaimed international author, writer of more than 40 books.
Title How to Become a Great Spy
Author Daniel Nesquens
Illustrator Mathias Sielfeld
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-18304-43-9
Size and Format Hardcover – 24 x 30cm (portrait)
Pages 64
Age Range 8+
Rights sold German, Greek, English (World) and Polish.

Daniel Nesquens is a multi-awarded author of children’s books. He has published more than eighty titles, and four of them have been included in the White Ravens List. His books are full of humour and have been translated into many languages, such as Korean, Italian, French, Dutch and English.

Oyemathias (Mathias Sielfeld) graduated from Integral Design and has a Diploma in Illustration. He has been a freelance artist ever since and has worked for multiple clients. He has published three books and his work has also been exhibited in galleries and has appeared in magazines. He makes humor and social criticism vignettes at @oyemathias (more than 40K followers).

Illustration © Mathias Sielfeld

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