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Let’s spend time together.

Paula E. Font / Teresa Bellón

Let’s spend time together is a pull-the-tab series of three animated boardbooks, Salad, Pasta and Fruit, for 1- to 3-year-old children. This series aims at making children become familiar with everyday food, either whole or already cooked or chopped, as well as various words, such as food names, cookware and specific verbs. It is also intended to engage children in the cooking process, understood as a fun time to enjoy together, and to help them develop healthy eating habits.

Grant & sample translation available.


  • Ideal to play, learn and enjoy the cooking process with the whole family.
  • A series to reproduce and learn actions with simple mechanisms.
  • Following baby-led weaning method, to promote children’s autonomy.
  • Encouraging healthy eating habits.
  • Simple and friendly illustrations, with bright colours.
Title Fruit
Author Paula E. Font
Illustrator Teresa Bellón
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-17749-46-0
Size and Format 17 x 17 cm - Board book
Pages 10
Age Range 1+

Paula E. Font is a children’s book editor. She studied Illustration and Fine Arts and later on she pursued a MA in children’s and YA literature from the Banco del Libro de Venezuela and the University of Barcelona.

Teresa Bellón studied Art History and a course on Illustration at the Art 10 School in Madrid. She has worked in many national and international projects. She has 30K followers on Instagram and her illustrations are commercialized on linen and houseware.

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