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Fantastic Animals

Amaia Arrazola

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Are you ready to discover over a hundred animal combinations inside this book? Is this a flamcodile? A bugfish? An elephcorn? A do-it-yourself bestiary to create fantastic animals—combine the flaps to come up with wonderful creatures!

Highly rhythmic texts with onomatopoeias to help children associate them with both fun and distinctive animal features.


  • Ideal for toddlers to learn about animals through animal noises and other onomatopoeias.
  • Rhythmic texts to help reading comprehension.
  • Interactive split-page format.
  • Vibrant and fresh illustrations.
  • Fun and modern do-it-yourself bestiary.
  • Celebrated illustrator with more than 53K followers on Instagram.
Title Fantastic Animals
Author Amaia Arrazola
Illustrator Amaia Arrazola
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-18304-00-2
Size and Format 23 x 16
Pages 22
Age Range +1

Amaia Arrazola is a freelance designer and illustrator. Her work, both fresh and colourful, has been featured in publicity campaigns for companies like Coca-Cola and Uniqlo, books, ceramics, tarot cards and large walls. Her books have been translated into English and French. She has more than 50K followers on Instagram.

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