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Fake Over

Nereida Carrillo / Alberto Montt

The Era of Fake News is here. But what if we have the right tools to fight disinformation?

Trolls, bots, deepfakes, information disorder, conspiracy theories… New generations stumble upon these phenomena on a daily basis on social media or on instant messaging platforms. But what is fake news, really? Who creates it? Has fake news always been around? What purpose does it serve? The book also empowers YA readers to take action and learn to trust professional, contrasted, plural and useful information and to avoid having a fake and biased worldview. How can we spot and debunk misinformation or detect fake videos or images? How can we verify a piece of information? How can we get rid of our biases? Online tools, tricks, step-by-step instructions, funny explanations, games… An entertaining and humorous guide useful for teenagers and adults alike.

Grant & sample translation available.


  • Written by an experienced researcher and journalist who has lectured about digital verification to hundreds of teenagers and teachers. 
  • Relatable and witty examples that teenagers will find useful and engaging.
  • More than a simple guide about fake news.
  • Appealing, bright and comic-like illustrations by graphic humourist and cartoonist Alberto Montt.
  • Ideal for teachers and educators to raise awareness about misinformation and fake news.
Title Fake Over
Author Nereida Carrillo
Illustrator Alberto Montt
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-18304-39-2
Size and Format Paperback
Pages 120
Age Range +12
Rights sold Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Estonian, French (World), Korean, Maltese, Russian, Serbian, and Slovak.

Nereida Carrillo is an experienced journalist, researcher, lecturer, professional trainer and holds a PhD in Journalism and Communication. She is the co-founder of Learn to Check, a media education project about disinformation and digital content verification. She has lectured about digital verification to hundreds of young people, teachers, families, journalists, librarians and other audiences through her media literacy workshops.

Alberto Montt is a Chilean illustrator born in Quito. He has published his vignettes on his blog Dosis Diarias for years and has worked as an independent illustrator for many publishing houses, advertising agencies and magazines in Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Spain. Since 2006 he tours with the illustrator Liniers carrying out illustrated stand-ups, where they combine their passion for illustration and humour.

Photo © Lorena Palavecino Huntin

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