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Luis Amavisca / Mónica Carretero

A picture book about diversity, self-discovery and self-esteem.

Elebbit feels like an outsider. Her mum is a giraffe, but she’s not a giraffe… and she doesn’t look like the kangaroos or the zebras… So then, what animal is Elebbit? Care to join her on this journey of discovery?

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  • A heart-warming, colourful and joyful illustrations.
  • Bright and positive spirit.
  • A book about finding one’s own identity and inner strengths.
Title Elebbit
Author Luis Amavisca
Illustrator Mónica Carretero
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-9496035-8-7
Size and Format 23 x 25 cm (landscape) - Hard Cover
Pages 40
Age Range 3+

Luis Amavisca holds a degree in Musicology and Art History, and completed the two-year certificate programme on the five senses at the Università dell’Immagine in Milan. His works as an artist have been exhibited in Málaga, Paris, Basel, Madrid, and Berlin. He is author of several books and has written about environment, divorce, and diversity.

Mónica Carretero has illustrated dozens of books, games, and posters for Spain, England, Macedonia, Korea, Lebanon, France, Australia, and the United States. She also works with numerous Spanish and American magazines. Her work has been given recognition at the London Book Fair, the Latino Book Awards (United States) and the BookExpo America.

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