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Among Intelligent Machines

CosiCosa / Ana Seixas

This non-fiction book gives a very wide and thorough picture on how Artificial Intelligence has been shaping our world and societies ever since the beginning of our civilization.

Through colourful and playful illustrations, it gives simple but exhaustive explanations on how AI machines were invented, their evolution throughout time and how they’re designed and built.

It also raises ethical and social questions: why we need to make the industry more inclusive, and how intelligent machines shape our minds and change our behaviours. The book analyses the limits of technology, and what it means for our freedom and our essence as human beings.

Grant & sample translation available.


  • Gives thorough insights on Artificial Intelligence and its evolution.
  • Analyses its limits, its contradictions and its flaws beyond its undeniable qualities.
  • Gives a critical view on ethics and inclusivity in the industry.
  • Written by an international team of women specialized on raising awareness about technology to children.
  • Gives the tools to build a better and more conscious tech industry.
Title Among Intelligent Machines
Author CosiCosa
Illustrator Ana Seixas
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-18304-25-5
Size and Format Hard Cover – 22 x 30cm
Pages 72
Age Range 6+
Rights sold Simplified Chinese, English (World), German, Korean and Portuguese (Portugal).

CosiCosa is a women-led non-profit organization working to raise awareness about technology and its impact to children and teenagers. Their team is trained in STEM and social ethics, and they design and promote educational programs aimed at children to train the future generations to be critical users and dutiful designers of emerging technology.

Ana Seixas is a Portuguese graphic designer. She holds a degree in Design and a postgraduate course in Editorial Design, and she took the Specia- lization Course in Illustration for Children’s and Teenager’s Publications. She started as a graphic designer for The Guardian, Snapchat, Bloomsbury Publishing, etc. and now she dedicates her time to illustration work, such as collaborating with magazines, illustrating books, drawing for adverti- sement campaigns, packaging and other challenging projects.

Photo © Mariana Rivera

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