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A Terrific Gift

Meritxell Martí / Xavier Salomó

A new hilarious and spooky lift-the-flap book by bestselling authors!


Let’s celebrate the International Horror Night! The most familiar monsters have gathered to enjoy a terrific feast at a secret location. For the occasion, the famous chef Jean-Sprout has prepared his finest cuisine.

It’s midnight: time to open presents! Lift the flaps to discover the most spooky and disgusting presents! Join the witch, the troll and the other monsters in opening the parcels by raising the flaps: an oven for children, a rubble catapult… perfectly-tailored presents to suit every guest’s taste. But wait, there is still one left to open… Readers of all ages will definitely feel engrossed by the story and will crack up!

Grant & sample translation available.



  • Internationally bestselling novelty books creators (almost 300,000 copies sold worldwide).
  • Contemporary popular and folklore characters that all children will recognise with a humorous twist: the witch, the wolf, the ghost, the troll, the mummy, etc.
  • A true success: an original and appealing page-turner for readers of all ages!
  • A wonderfully well-knit story, with an unexpected ending. Vivid and hilarious illustrations.
Title A Terrific Gift
Author Meritxell Martí / Xavier Salomó
ISBN (Original Version) 978-84-18304-91-0
Size and Format 24 x 31 cm - Hardback
Pages 40
Age Range +5
Rights sold Basque, Bulgarian, Dutch, Icelandic, Portuguese (Portugal) and Slovak. Not available in: Simplified Chinese, French nor Italian.

Meritxell Martí holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities and a Graduate degree in Classical and Contemporary Music. She has been teaching Art, Cinema and Literature for 10 years. She obtained her PhD Cum Laude on Art on the Internet. She currently is studying Master Remind degree.

Xavier Salomó holds a Degree in Arts and Design, where he received the Extraordinary Award for his dissertation on the category of engraving. He received the Junceda Award in two occasions by the Professional Illustrators Association of Catalonia.

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